bionomics, bionomist & bionomic energy system technology: explained

bionomic wastewater processing

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Roots: The word “bionomic” is a language derivative of two Greek words: βίος written bios in Latin meaning: “life” and νόμος, nomos in Latin, meaning: “custom”, “law”, “ordinance”. Bionomics are therefore actions that follow nature’s principles. Bionomic energy system technology is a man made construct (technology)


‘green’ virgin carbon black prime N 600 & petroleum from recycled tires


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biological system dependance on recycle – reuse Bionomic biogenics is about biological creation of raw materials with industrial applications. Where biology is hard-pressed to recycle and make use of man-made substances and products, we need to work on sustainable reclamation


one for the constitution…

GMO free Europe

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  Badische Anilin- und Soda- Fabrik (BASF) has decided to discontinue its line of genetically modified potatoes and other GMO research due to  ‘market pressures’.  Europeans simply do not like the thought that their food – and potatoes are THE


knowledge hubs


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Thanks to the internet the “world” is getting smaller. It is the perfect platform for collaboration and what better way than to establish knowledge hubs for specific technologies and recourse development. Thanks to members who are professionals in the fields


German Constitutional Court: Application for judicial review in the matter of the Genetic Engineering Act is unsuccessful


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The National Constitutional Court of Germany has issued a very interesting verdict on German Legislation governing GMOs and use of transgenetics in Agriculture. Farmers will be held responsible for possible damages should they choose to use GMOs. Quote: …..In its


planetary [science] reset…

science reset

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For the second time in as many months I read that humankind is doomed…. Why are ‘prominent’ scientists all of a sudden bent on  feeding this type of fear and scare mongering? The latest one at yahoo talks of mass


one more reason to ‘wean’ ourselves from fossil…


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‘River of Oil’ from Gulf Spill Hits La. Shore, Could Dwarf Exxon Valdez Damage this was yesterdays headline to a story that can be found in the online edition of abajournal. this puts things into perspective for northerners…   It